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For military veterans

You put yourself on the line for your country. The Eastern Millwrights want to thank you by offering a rewarding and satisfying career.

Your GI-Bill
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We will help you leverage these benefits to become a professional millwright.

We provide competitive wages and comprehensive benefits, assisted job searches, and the opportunity to either work close to home or leverage travel opportunities.

Union millwrights are some of the most respected tradesmen in the world. They are an elite group of construction workers who work primarily with machinery and equipment that requires pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Millwrights are in so much demand throughout our 8-state eastern region, that they are making good money and work is plentiful. In fact, union millwrights are needed in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


You thrive in structure–
that’s how we operate.

You understand hard work and value teamwork. So do we. With the skills you possess as a disciplined, self-driven, motivated indivdiual, we need you to join us.

It’s a strong brotherhood.

As a union millwright – you can be confident that your brothers have your back. Millwrights are members of the Eastern Millwright Regional Council. You’re not alone in building your career. We will build it right alongside you.

It all starts with an apprenticeship.

An apprentice is a person in the process of becoming a skilled millwright via training and experience. Apprentices study in the classroom at a local training center and on actual job sites under the guidance of a skilled journeyman. Usually, an apprenticeship takes four years to complete, but experience gained in the service is considered when placing you as an apprentice. Your military life will help you get back into the workforce faster.

Reconition as a professional.
Great pay and benefits.
A brotherhood.

Make the jump.

Let’s get started.

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