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What if you knew of a way to make good money and get great fringe benefits, have the ability to work all over the country — or stay close to home? How about having access to a network that helps locate work for you? Would you jump on it?

Get ready to leap.

Union millwrights are the rock stars of the construction industry. They are an elite group of industrial mechanics whose skills are unmatched by any other construction worker.

It all starts with an apprenticeship.

An apprentice is a person in the process of becoming a skilled millwright via training and experience. Apprentices study in the classroom at a local training center and on actual job sites under the guidance of a skilled veteran, called a “journeyman.” Usually, an apprenticeship takes four years to complete. When you graduate, you become accredited from the United States Department of Labor, confirming your status as a journeyman millwright.


Get a head start.

You can get a head start by taking classes in mathematics, drafting, auto mechanics, industrial arts, CAD, and enrolling in industrial shop.

  • Earn while you learn: Apprentices earn a good wage
  • Graduate debt-free: No school loans or tuition to pay back when your apprenticeship ends
  • Increase Your Pay: Progress through the program and increase your income as you apply yourself
  • Collect Benefits: Health and retirement benefits start with your apprenticeship, for you and your family

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