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What if you knew of a way to keep your high level, competitive wages, but add to that a comprehensive benefits package?

What if you were able to work with a colleague whose job is to find work for you?

Our priorities?

Safety. Training. Competitive Pay. Comprehensive Benefits.

What if you had the opportunity to work as close to or as far away from home as you want?

Would you jump on it?

Get ready to leap.

No one has to tell you that millwrights are an elite group of construction workers, especially in this area. But what you may not know is that union millwrights are in huge demand because we are responding to customer needs with everything they want: solid work and the depth of manpower to keep any size job that comes along on schedule.


We are capturing the big projects, making competitive wages and enjoying steady work.

In fact, the Eastern Millwright Regional Council of Carpenters increased its work from 2011 to 2012 by many man hours. And we have signed more contractors to hire only union millwrights.

We are millwrights who cover 8 eastern states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

With the skills you possess as a disciplined, self-driven, motivated indivdiual, we need you to join us.

Ditch the Stereotypes:

Fiction Fact
Union millwrights strong-arm their customers. We are a business-oriented group that works with our customers instead of against them. If they succeed, we succeed.
Union millwrights go on strike. We can’t remember the last time that our employers encountered a work stoppage.
The union holds you back. Success is up to you. We offer opportunities for training, job placement, upward mobility, and more.

Let’s Talk Money

Union millwrights are paid by the hour. As members of the Eastern Millwright Regional Council,

  • you’ll get pre-negotiated regular and overtime wages
  • you’ll earn a competitive wage and comprehensive benefits for you and your family
  • there’s a lot of room for advancement
  • Because you are represented on the job site, you’ll always know what you’re getting paid
Fiction Fact
Non-union millwrights make more money. We have competitive wages with an added comprehensive benefits package.
Union work is scarce. We are in high demand by employers throughout the country. Work is plentiful.

As one of us, you’ll work under the protection of a comprehensive union contract, which establishes the wages, benefits and working conditions for that job. This ensures that you are paid a fair wage for the work you do.

Free Training Keeps Your Skills in Demand

Through training, you will learn about changes in the industry and you keep yourself marketable for any job that comes up. Don’t ignore the importance of training. It’s our secret weapon to winning all this work and it can be your ticket to the coveted jobs. Want access to the nuclear world? Petro-chem? We can prepare you, market you, and get you on the job — all because of our training.

Reconition as the professional you are.

Great benefits to match the competitive wages.

Steady work.

Make the jump.


Let’s get started.

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